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Athens Now!

The documentary Athens Now! is a wandering through a city in transition. Young artists and activists present their personal side of Athens, and contemplate the theme of this year’s Documenta, “Learn from Athens!”

Athens Now! presents a new generation of urban artists and their own definitions of the Greek capital. The spectrum spans from the photographer Panagiotis Maidis, who became the face of the protests and social unrest on the streets, to the dancer Myrto Grapsa, who bridges between the mythological and the urban. In the meantime: L. Professor tinkers at the sound design of his city, while sprayer Cacao Rocks moves between protest and decoration and shows Fanis Tsonas, of the start-up company Ithaca Laundry, how one can improve social ills with a good idea and social commitment.

The German-Greek writer Gerasimos Bekas is taking on the role of a radio commentator and brings their stories together.

  • Report
  • Heiko Lange
  • Anahita Nazemi
  • 3sat
  • 30 minutes
  • 2017