Lab C – California Dreaming

A series by Petra Haffter

The real California is hard to grasp: It is a complex juxtaposition of different people, influences and ideas. California has often been described, portrayed, photographed and painted. And even the threat of California’s state bankruptcy cannot destroy these dreams. It seems that the pioneering spirit of old America has congregated here where it could move no further west, manifested and transformed. Transformed?

The series goes on an expedition, portraying the interesting and sometimes absurd productions of “Lab C”, the Californian laboratory: The dreams and Californian Innovations with the correspondent pioneering spirit – in both great and small ways. I will enter the laboratory and show how 100 different languages communicate – how people around the world come together in California and realize new ideas.

Episode 1: The Pacific Coast
Episode 2: Over the Mountains
Episode 3: The Central Valley
Episode 4: Across the Desert

  • Documentary
  • Petra Hafter
  • Eva Rink
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 43/52 min
  • 2017