JEAN PAUL GAULTIER – Couture for the Chorus Line

The world-famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier had an old childhood dream: to one day dress an entire revue theatre. He has fulfilled this dream in Berlin, at the tradition-steeped Friedrichstadt-Palast. Gaultier is designing around 500 surreal costumes for the new production, “THE ONE Grand Show”, which celebrated its premiere  in  October 2016
This documentary follows the fashion star through the intense work process in Berlin, and outlines the artistic and human challenges of the huge undertaking. The film gives viewers a new and intense look at the personality and creativity of the star designer.

  • Documentary
  • Hilka Sinning
  • Tita von Hardenberg
  • Anahita Nazemi
  • RBB/Arte
  • 52 Minuten
  • 2016