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Iceland – Island with Determination

Icelanders are a unique folk. They proved that during the financial crisis of 2008: the citizens stormed the central bank and occupied the parliament. Iceland sought its own way out of the crisis – with success. The banking sector was restructured, the IMF credit paid back early. The weak exchange rate of the Krone continues to attract ever more tourists to the land of fairies and volcanoes, making tourism the third-largest provider of foreign exchange in the country. When it comes to generating electricity, the Icelanders have also gone their own way: up to 100% of their energy requirements are met with renewable energy sources. This macro report takes a look at where Iceland is now, six years after the threat of bankruptcy.

  • report
  • Katrin Sandmann
  • Katrin Sandmann
  • 3SAT
  • 30 Minutes
  • 2014/15