Re: A Beautiful Death – A Young Mortician and His Mission

The undertaker Eric Wrede does things somewhat differently than his colleagues. For example, he lets people look over his shoulder while he’s working. Next of kin are permitted to be present as he washes the deceased, and can even take active involvement. Death, in Wrede’s opinion, should no longer be hidden in the back rooms. He’s fighting on many fronts to change this – and he’s not alone.
The traditional funeral customs of Europe are in transition. New rituals are arising around the final farewell. But which are useful and helpful for the bereaved?

Arte Re: takes a closer look at this question with two rebels of the funeral industry fighting, if in different ways, to get all of us to stop being shy about looking death in the eye.

  • Report
  • Tita von Hardenberg
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 30 Minuten
  • 2018