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Re: Breaking the Silence – Israeli Civil Rights Activists under Pressure

After the German foreign minister’s visit to Israel, one question above all remains open. Why are non-governmental organizations like “Breaking the Silence” so controversial in Israel? Why would a meeting with one trigger a crisis in German-Israeli relations? What is this NGO? What does it want? Why did Siegmar Gabriel want to meet with them, and why did that make Israel’s prime minister so furious?

To find the answers to these questions for Arte RE:, Katrin Sandmann went to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, while Stephan Lamby looked behind the curtains of Berlin’s political machinery. The two documentarians provide up-to-the-minute background information to a diplomatic crisis that exploded on the eve of the German federal president’s visit to Israel.

  • Report
  • Katrin Sandmann, Stephan Lamby
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 30 minutes
  • 2017