Re: Deported … And After That? – Afghans between Fleeing and Starting Over

The Union parties, CDU and CSU, are currently arguing very loudly about their future asylum and refugee policy.
In the course of the loud squabbling, the Federal Government’s decision to once again start unconditionally deporting Afghans back to their homeland has gone almost unnoticed. And that despite a new report by the Foreign Ministry that describes the security situation in Afghanistan as “volatile”. But what happens to the people after deportation?

That’s a question that Arte Re: first took a look at in the spring of 2017. Back then, we accompanied several deported Afghans returning to Kabul.
Now, a year later, we want to know how things have gone for them.

  • Report
  • Katrin Sandmann
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 30 Minuten
  • 2018