Re: Fat Is Beautiful! – Women against the Slimness Obsession

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“Slim people are more attractive than fat people” – a message that above all women are confronted with every day, almost everywhere. Whether on the subway or walking down the street, flipping through a magazine or scrolling Instagram: images of “perfect” women’s bodies are omnipresent. This ideal image of slimness propagated in advertising and media has led to ever more women being dissatisfied with their bodies – including 91% of all women in Germany, according to a recent study.

Enough of that! Activists of the Body Positivity movement say it has to end. They’re fighting to help Germany’s women find the way back to a normal, positive body image – one that also includes cellulite and love handles. Plus-size can be pretty!

Arte Re: accompanies women who are trying to love themselves and their weight.


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  • Claudia Bäckmann


  • ZDF/Arte

Running Time

  • 30 Minuten

Year of Production

  • 2017