Re: Ready for the Apocalypse – Hanging Out with Preppers

“Preppers” (a.k.a. survivalists) are people who expect a catastrophe to happen at any moment and want to be as prepared for it as possible – be it a terrorist attack, a weather disaster, or a long-term power failure. They put a lot of effort in being ready for the possible end of our civilization. And nowhere else in Europe is the scene as strong as it is in Germany.

Arte Re: explores the world of the “prepper”, a world that might seem odd to civilization-spoiled citizens, and tries to answer such questions as: How quickly can our civilization be shut down? Could a shortage of foodstuffs happen? Could a total power failure occur? Could these prophets of doom perhaps be right, and the rest of us too naive?

  • Report
  • Volker Heimann
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 30 Minuten
  • 2017