RE: The Holy Water of the Yezidi

Berlin based Muslim Hammed Khamis wants to set an example against hatred and the abuse of his religion. And to do so he went to northern Iraq, where in 2014 the so-called “Islamic State” attacked the small religious community of the Yazidis. The catalyst behind Hammed’s decision to undertake such a hazardous journey was his friendship with Tamara, a Yazidi refugee. Driven by his shame for the horrendous crimes that the “Islamic State” committed against her people in the name of his religion, Hammed promised to bring her water from a sacred spring in northern Iraq that the Yazidi mother needed for the baptism her children.

Arte Re: followed Hammed Khamis on his perilous reconciliation mission, a mission that often left him stunned and didn’t run exactly as he had imagined it would.


  • Report


  • Carsten Stormer


  • ZDF/Arte


  • 30 minutes

Year of Production

  • 2017