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Re: You Loser! – Carsten Stahl Targets School Bullies

The film follows Carsten Stahl – former RTL TV star, Berlin neighborhood bigwig, and ex-gang leader – during his emotionally charged anti-bullying activities at the Vincent van Gogh School in Berlin. Sensitive and confrontational, provocative and understanding all in one, the muscular 1.90-tall man cracks the protective armor of even the hardest cases – and sometimes even has them swear “by Allah” to protect the weaker in the future. There are loud voices, laughter, and even bitter tears in his seminars because Stahl brings both the bullies and their mobbing victims to out each other and drop all masks. He talks bluntly of his own experiences, and makes it clear to the students that almost all perpetrators were also once victims.

The film casts light on the topic of bullying and mobbing among students from a new angle, and reveals the everyday life of the youngsters who can no longer go to school without trepidation as well as the life and environment of their colorful coach, a former thug who now works to prevent others from taking that path.

  • Report
  • Lutz Gregor
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 30 minutes
  • 2017