What Kobalt does ?

Kobalt was founded in 1997 by Stefan Mathieu, Tita von Hardenberg, and Michael Khano. Since then, the firm has been representative for the development and production of high-quality television formats and creative programmes. Kobalt broke into the television broadcasting market with “Polylux” (1997-2009), a highly innovative news magazine reflecting the spirit of the times. Other defining cultural and pop cultural programmes followed, complemented by documentaries, reports, and series on relevant and contemporary topics. Today, Kobalt is one of the leading independent production firms of Germany.

A separate branch of the firm, Kobalt Kreation, focuses on corporate videos and image films, broadcast design, and advertising. In 2015, another subsidy was founded that focuses on the production of documentaries and international co-productions: Kobalt Documentary.

The goal of the by now 60-person team of content producers and editors, camerapeople, cutters, designers, directors, and internet specialists is to transcend the production of quality alone: Kobalt views itself as a cross-format trendsetter and publisher of contemporary, first-rate journalism. We are a source of inspiration for all those interested in the pulse of their time.


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