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Re: German for Refugees – Integration at a Rush

For years, the British language coach David Lebor has concerned himself with speed-learning methods. He has developed a system of “memory techniques” that should enable people to learn a language within a few weeks.  When he saw the images of the masses of refugees fleeing, above all, to Germany, he had an idea. Why not use his language-learning method for the benefit of all those who now urgently need to learn German? At his own initiative, he struck out for Berlin, located a group of language students from Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon, and began his language experiment with them. This involves the language coach being constantly underway with his students, showing them their new home, and bringing them in contact with Germans. But at the end, will they truly be able to communicate at a reasonable level in German?

  • Report
  • Katrin Sandmann, Michael Lebor
  • ZDF/Arte
  • 30 minutes
  • 2017